Jadd Fong Travel | All Inclusive Cruise Packages, Luxury Cruise Ship
Luxury Cruise Ship – We offer all inclusive cruise packages for business professionals and their families at affordable cost. Visit our website or call us at 505-999-1039 for more information.
All inclusive cruise packages, Luxury cruise ship
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All Inclusive Cruise Packages

Live on stage production show in Princess theater

I have had the opportunity to go on numerous all inclusive cruise packages. Those experiences have taught me that cruise ships are floating resorts with entertainment centers. You are able to see many new destinations and do sightseeing on numerous excursions.

Did you know that all inclusive cruise packages are the ultimate vacation?

Did you know that cruise packages have activities and amenities for any market from singles, couples, adventurers and families?

Did you know that cruise packages include accommodations, activities, parties, entertainment, most meals and snacks?

Did you know that cruise lines offer all inclusive cruise packages for any budget from economy to super luxury cruise ships?

Did you know that during a cruise you meet several persons who share common interest and taste?

Did you know you visit several geographic locations during a cruise?

Did you know the best part of a cruise vacation, is that packing and unpacking is done only once which takes the hassle out of your vacation?

Did you know that your all inclusive cruise packages provide the cost up front? This helps in budgeting whereas a land vacation package has unknown cost like food and transportation.

Did you know that cruising takes the pressure off you vacation as you are not required to prepare meals?

Did you know that you are pampered or you can do whatever you like for your all inclusive cruise packages?

Did you know that all inclusive cruise packages have the highest rate of satisfied customers and the best vacation experience?

Do you know that the cruise industry has cruise packages for short term sailing like 3 days and for extended periods as long as six months?

Do you know that your ultimate experience on each cruise is determined by several different factors?