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About Us

Our about us information. JADD Fong Inc. is a small family owned company registered in New Mexico, d.b.a. JADD Fong Travel. The company is run and managed by its CEO John Fontaine. He began his travel career working for a host agency based in Florida, but the company went bankrupt in 2007. The loss of revenue and his client base motivated him to form his own Albuquerque travel agency, which resulted in the formation of JADD Fong Travel.

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About Us Affiliations

From the company’s inception, we have mushroomed into a reputable agency with a A+Rating from the Better Business Bureau (B.B.B.) of the South West. The agency is also a member of the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, Hispano Chamber of Commerce, African American Chamber of Commerce, Caribbean Tourism Organization, C.L.I.A., O.S.S.N and N.A.C.T.A.
Jadd Fong Travel specializes in Tropical Destination travel because John was born and spent most of his life in the Caribbean area. During his stay in the Caribbean, he traveled extensively throughout the region and learned about the different island cultures and beauty spots. He also has several certification in tropical destinations.  In addition, the agency provides sea and river cruises worldwide, hotels, rail, resorts and vacation packages. Some of the agency’s most popular destinations are the Hawaiian Islands, Caribbean and Alaska.

Contact Info About Us

Our agency prides itself as an Albuquerque travel agency providing excellent customer service in a professional and timely manner to its clients. Visit our customer reviews and read what they are saying about us. Also, be sure to checkout our blog section where we share our experiences on cruises and destinations. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our friendly support staff is ready to help.
Office Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Customer Service:      (888) 282-8721 or (505) 999-1039


Traveler Emergencies: (888)282-8721  (24 Hours)


E-mail & Pricing Inquiries:   john@jaddfongtravel.com


Address:  Jadd Fong Travel, 9115 Wilshire Ct. NE Albuquerque, NM 87122