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Historic Pueblo Site in New Mexico
Santa Fe Plaza
Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Your Travel Agents Albuquerque is Jadd Fong Travel.  They are your travel vacation specialist of the Southwest. We recommend that your vacation package should begin with a stroll through Historic Old Town in Albuquerque. This is a good place to start your vacation to New Mexico. It’s not stressful and has quite a few options. There is a lovely botanical garden, the aquarium and a few museums. This area is a nice introduction to your Albuquerque vacation package. It has a mix of entertainment, history, traditional New Mexican jewelry & food.

During your visit to Albuquerque the Sandia Aerial Tramway is a must see. There you will enjoy a free visit to the New Mexico Ski Museum at the base of the tram. Board the tram and travel 2.7 miles (2nd longest in the world). You will go over deep canyons and spectacular ridges before arriving at the summit of the Sandia Mountains. The elevation is 10,378 ft. It provides a bird’s eyes view of the Rio Grande Valley and Cibola National Forest. Thanks to the high elevation and a common breeze it’s usually very cool. This makes it perfect for a picnic. Bike rides or a hiking is also good fun as there are a plethora of trails for you to choose from.

New Mexico is called “the land of enchantment” because of its magnificent sunsets. There is no better place than the Sandia Peak on your travel to Albuquerque, to experience a New Mexico sunset. The beautiful reflection of the sunset rays on the mountain gave the mountain its name.

Festival Balloon Fiesta
Annual balloon Fiesta Festival
Hot Air Balloon

One of New Mexico’s biggest tourist attractions is the Annual balloon Fiesta Festival.

It is held in the early part of October every year. It is the biggest awe-inspiring gathering of balloons on the planet. Packages to the grand festival are available from your travel agents Albuquerque. Ballooning in Albuquerque began in the summer of 1971. A gentleman by the name of Sid Cutter purchased a hot air balloon to do something unique for his mother’s birthday. It was inflated and tethered as the center piece of her celebration. The balloon was accidentally released and Sid and his brother made their first flight over Albuquerque.

This first balloon flying experience was the motivation to form a balloon club. It then mushroomed into the grand event of the 21st century. Participants travel from all over the world as far as Australia, France, England, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Japan and many other countries. Travel agents Albuquerque also provide visitors with travel incentives to visit the festival.

From this humble beginning, the Albuquerque Balloon fiesta has grown in leaps and bounds to what it is today. In 1989, the fiesta had another major development. That year it was dedicated exclusively to special shapes. Since, it has grown to be one of the more popular events of the festival. Special prominence is given to the special shapes hot air balloons.

Another popular event during Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is the Balloon Glow. A Balloon Glow is when the balloons are inflated at night but they do not leave the ground. The flame makes the balloon inflate and it also causes the balloon to glow in the night like a giant lamp. With many Balloons in one place this looks quite captivating, especially with the special shapes balloons.

As your travel agents in Albuquerque, a visit to Santa Fe will be included in any Albuquerque vacation packages. It is one of the top destinations in the South West and is considered a city for great culinary and art. The Plaza is considered the heart of the city and its most historic area. It is referred to as the commercial, social and political center of Santa Fe. You can shop, walk around and enjoy several places to eat. There is a beautiful park with large trees for shade. You will find a large number of Native American vendors with exquisite handmade jewelry. Nearby is the well known Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. Georgia O’Keeffe is a famous south west artist.

Other attractions that can be included in your Albuquerque vacation packages would include:

The Acoma Indian Pueblo which is approximately 60 miles west of Albuquerque. It is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in North America. Guides are available at the Sky City Visitors Center at the base of the Mesa. A tour is available and usually takes about two hours. This pueblo is a wonderful place to see traditional pueblo architecture and Native American history. A camera permit is required and is obtainable at the visitor’s center but only still photographs are allowed.

The White Sands on the way to Carlsbad and the White Sands Monument in Alamogordo. It is a large white sand desert that stretches for quite a long way. It makes for a nice pit stop on the way to Carlsbad. Sliding down the dunes is entertaining. It’s also a lovely sight to see. It is better to visit in the morning, as there is less reflection from the sun.

Take a trip to the Carlsbad Caverns which is part of the Carlsbad National Park. Venture into the underworld by traveling 750 ft underground. Enjoy the big cave and big room which was considered the largest chamber underground. Walk through the corridors of endless complex stalagmites and stalactites structures that will mystify you for long time.

Jadd Fong Travel your travel agents Albuquerque has vacation packages to and from Albuquerque, NM. Call us at 505-999-1039 or Toll Free 888-282-8721.