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Jadd Fong Travel Services

JADD Fong Travel Agency works with individuals who are stressed and wish to unplug. We help them by creating exciting and relaxing customized vacations to tropical destinations that will rejuvenate your mind with fresh energy and a new prospective.

Our services are not limited to family vacation packages, tours and cruises.  We specialize in vacations to tropical destinations that include Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico and river cruises.

Hawaii Services – Get To Know Paradise

Do you know that Hawaii is one of the more beautiful tropical islands in the world? Do you know there is an abundance of water, scenic waterfalls, fantastic sandy beaches and amazing fauna? Do you know that Hawaii is one of the top destinations for romance and for destination weddings? Do you know that Hawaii has the perfect climate because it is never too hot and never to cold? Do you know that Hawaii is family friendly and the hotels make special provisions for kids? Do you know a Hawaii vacations package excellent cuisine? Do you know that Hawaii caters for all and has activities to make your vacation enjoyable? Do you know Hawaii is made up of several islands? Do you the Big Island is also known as Hawaii?


Caribbean Services – See the best of the Caribbean

Do you know that the Caribbean has several festivals?

Do you know that carnival is celebrated throughout the region and many islands cater for tourist?

Do you know individuals are dressed in costume and revel and frolic in the streets for a several days?

Do you know during a Caribbean island vacations you can sample several brands of rum?

Do you know each island has its own distiller and produces some of the best spirits in the Northern hemisphere?

Do you know the Caribbean is known for big open air-parties?

Do you know the Caribbean is blessed with numerous white sandy beaches?

Do you know the water is warm, calm and crystal clear and ideal for bathing?

Do you know that some islands in the area promote Eco tourism instead of beaches?

Mexico Services – Love Mexico

Do you know that visiting Mexico vacation spots provide better vacation value than any other destination?

Do you know there are numerous direct airline flights to Mexico from the US and Canada which makes travel to Mexico very easy?

Do you know that Mexico is the home of some of the richest archaeological sites in the world?

Do you know the ruins of the Mayan cities and stone pyramids that housed Mexico’s earlier population are big visitor’s attractions?

Do you know that Mexico is rich with culture and history?

Do you know the country has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the Americas?

other country in the Americas?

Do you know that Mexico has some of the friendliness people in the world?

Do you know people are always willing to provide assistance wherever you go?

Do you know that Mexico coast has excellent beaches to relax and endless water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and jet skiing?

Do you know Mexico offers a variety of excellent cuisine which differs from coast to cities further inland?

Do you know you can enjoy rumba at a night clubs and mariachis music everywhere you go?

Do you know that the weather in Mexico is almost perfect?

Do you know Mexico is a haven for US and Canadian citizens during the winter season?

Do you know that Mexico has some of the friendliness people in the world?


Cruise Services – Cruise the world with us

Do you know that cruising is the ultimate way to vacation as you pack and unpack once?

Do you know it allows you to visit numerous destinations at once?

Do you realize a big advantage of cruising is knowing your total cost up font for your vacation?

Do you know Jadd Fong Travel has Cruise benefits exclusive for its customers?

Do you know we offer shore events that is not available to most passengers on the same cruise?

Do you know these specially-chosen excursions are guided by local experts, who take our clients deep into the culture for a more personal connection?

Do you know all excursions are different and we offer our clients a unique cruise experience?

Do you know we provide a private reception of cocktails and appetizers allowing our clients to get familiar with the other passengers in our group?

Do you know our clients will have access to a concierge host onboard their sailing?

Do you know our guests receive a welcome letter in their stateroom on the day of their arrival?

Do you know our host is also available for questions and special requests?