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Mexico vacation spots, Mexico vacation packages, all inclusive vacations Mexico
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Mexico Vacation Packages


Mexico Vacation Spots

like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Cozumel and Playa De Carmen  is one of the top destinations for visitors from the US and Europe. The country of Mexico is rich with history, scenic spots, beaches and historic sites. Francisco Hernández Cortés, the nephew of Henán Cortés  was one of the first to visit the crystal clear bay now known as Puerto Vallarta. The town itself was not founded until 1851. Gaudalupe Sánchez thought the place was beautiful and had potential to thrive as a trade center. After receiving it’s official name in 1918 it has developed into one of the top Mexico vacation spots. Today, the large tropical bay that was once planned as a trade center, has created an abundance of water sports. The activities for tourist includes surfing, snorkeling, whale watching and even fly boarding are all possible here.

Mexico Vacation Spots
Viewing the beach from Hotel room in Mexico vacation spots in Playa De Carmen

Mexico Vacation Spots in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has much more to offer than just water sports. The cities architecture has remained
quaint. While it has grown the streets are still cobblestone and the buildings are white with red-tiled roofs. This has helped the area become a real estate dream making some celebrities even call it home. While you are at this beautiful Mexico vacation spot, be sure to partake in the Rhythm of the Night event. It includes a short sunset ferry ride across the bay, candlelight dinner on the beachfront and then a mystical dance performance highlighting Mexican culture and heritage.

Mexico Vacation Spots in Cancun

Cancun is another Mexico vacation spots. Cancun is a well known as a lively spot for spring break. Its beaches, parties, and night clubs are renowned for upbeat entertainment. However, this city is not only for the wild and rambunctious its actually a place where some very relaxing vacationing can be done.  Unlike many places in Mexico and the Caribbean, Cancun is made for tourism. While making the city appealing to tourists Cancun did not ignore their natural and historic attractions. The beautiful year round weather makes everyday worthy of being spent outside. There is enough water sports and jungle tours to make outdoors lovers more than pleased. Cancun is also referred to as the “Gateway to El Mundo Maya (the Mayan World). This is because of all the Mayan archaeological sites that can be found in the Cancun area. Two of them can be found in the city itself, El Rey is in walking distance from the Hilton Club and was considered and ancient playground for the Mayans. The other site that can be four in the city is Yamil Lu’um, it consists of two small temples. Cancun has much to offer, much of it is not as advertised as its spring break festivities, but its there.

Mexico Vacation Spot in Playa De Carmen

Mexico vacation spots include the popular Playa de Carmen. It is mostly about the night life and beach
clubs that throw dance parties which last into the early morning. Anything from salsa to reggae can be heard booming from the bars and nightclubs of La Quinta. La Quinta Avenida is the 5th avenue strip, it’s the place to be in Playa de Carmen. By day its crowded with shoppers and tourists admiring the city. The beach clubs are also more calming during the daytime offering spa treatments, food and beverage services, and private pools and hot tubs. These beach clubs make a nice alternative from public beaches due to its more private setting. At night music is all around, but the food is also great. This area has a great deal of classy restaurants that will tantalize your taste buds

Beach at Occidental hotel is a beautiful Mexico vacation spots
City coastal view of Mexico vacation spots

Mexico vacation Spot in Cozumel

Cozumel, the Caribbean island is connected to Playa de Carmen by a ferry ride, making it easily accessible for a day trip. While there you could enjoy snorkeling or water sports in one of the best diving spots in the Caribbean. You can also visit some of the ancient archaeological sites in the area. The Southern area, Playacar has numerous all inclusive luxury resorts and golf courses. All in all Playa de Carmen, is a great spot to explore the Rivera Maya area. It’s also a lovely place to relax and spirited enough to party all night in, which ever floats your boat.

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