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Caribbean Islands Family Vacation Packages, Caribbean Island Vacations
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Caribbean Island Vacation Packages

This is your Caribbean island vacations tropical destinations specialist.
The Caribbean Islands is one of the top vacation destinations in the world.
Caribbean island vacations are important for the economy of the region.
The Caribbean region is also known as the West Indies and comprise of over 7,000 islands and islets.
The Caribbean islands are located in the southeast basin of North America, west of Central America and north of South America.
Caribbean island vacations are one of the top tropical destinations for travelers.
This tropical island region got its name from the indigenous people of the Caribbean – the Carib Indians.
The more popular vacation destinations of the Caribbean are considered to be in the backyard of the U.S.
Caribbean Sea Map

Caribbean Island Vacations Best All Inclusive Resorts

The Caribbean islands contain some of the best all inclusive resorts when planning a vacation to a tropical destination. The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful and appealing tropical island destinations in the world. The proximity of the islands, as well as the gorgeous weather and the abundance of white sandy beaches create a strong appeal for visitors. The Caribbean islands are by far North America’s number one vacation destination. Annually millions of visitors from the East Coast of the Americas choose the Caribbean islands as their vacation destinations. The best all inclusive resorts on the Caribbean islands is a big attraction to visitors.

We recommend vacations to the tropical islands during the peak periods of mid-December to mid-April, if getting away from the cold temperatures in your hometown is a priority.  Relaxing on a white sandy beach during the off-season is a dream of being in paradise.


We have deals to our best all inclusive resorts at reasonable prices to meet your budget.  There is a lot of variety if you wish to do a vacation in the Caribbean due to the diversity of the islands. Things to do include:

      • Sun bathing on a beautiful beach
      • Snorkeling in crystal clear waters
      • Take an island tour
      • Scuba diving
      • Enjoy a Caribbean carnival
      • Go whale watching
      • Hike to historical sites

JADD Fong Travel provides a wide range of packages to the Caribbean islands. Please use our Trip Request form to request more information on our fabulous travel deals.