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JADD Fong Travel Agency works with individuals who are stressed and wish to unplug. We help them by creating exciting and relaxing customized vacations to tropical destinations best vacation spots that will rejuvenate you with fresh energy and a new prospective.

Tropical Destinations Best Vacation Spots

Having fun in Tropical Destinations beach of Oahu, Hawaii.A very quiet beach in Tropical Destinations Aruba
Tropical Destinations River on Big Island, Hawaii Hot water springs in Tropical destinations of Dominica
The Grand canyon of the Pacific in Tropical Destinations Kauai, HawaiiHaving fun at the Dunns River Waterfall in Tropical Destinations Jamaica
Beautiful Tropical Destinations beach in Maui, HawaiiEnjoying the beach on tropical destinations St. Martin

Fun in  Sea, Sand and Sun

.         Do you wish to vacation in tropical destinations best vacation spots without lifting a finger?

.        Are you confused as to where to go or terrified you will make a mistake in picking the wrong tropical destinations?

·         Do you require information about your destination that will reassure you that you are going to the best vacation spots that are suitable for your families?

·         Do you wish to talk to a reliable and trustworthy tropical destination specialist who will show you the best family vacation packages?

·         Do you dream of the best vacation spots that will provide lasting memories of your vacation?

·         Are you searching for the ideal tropical destination but is overwhelmed by all of the internet choices?

·         Are you looking for a travel professional with many years in the travel business and experience in researching and booking the best vacation spots for families?

·         Do you wish to know the best vacation spots with lots of kid’s activities or a romantic getaway that provides you with privacy and intimacy?

·        Do you know of which tropical destination to Visit?

.        Do you know that Jadd Fong Travel has fantastic tropical destinations deals and discounts?


Alaska cruise

We had a wonderful time in the In side passage on our Alaska cruise. My only concern was that we were not correctly informed about the tip and cabin service. We were expecting to have to pay the tips at the end of the trip by envelope and it turned out that we were being charged 12.00 each per day on our credit card …….

Beverly J., July 2011

They Know The Caribbean

John at Fong Travel is absolutely great. In the age of the internet and online travel scheduling, it is really comforting to know that your travel arrangements are being made by a person who is interested in making your trip memorable and safe………

Jesse R., March 2011

Thanks Jadd Fong Travel

I have utilized the services of Jadd Fong twice in the last couple of months. They were so good the first time – I had to come back. I was scheduled to travel to a destination without an international airport, and needless to say, it was incredibly difficult to get flights…….

Kathleen S., September 2010

Who We Are

Wish no more for that tropical paradise as John Fontaine will make your vacation dreams come true. He works with individuals who are stressed and wish to getaway. So why not enjoy a beautiful beach, bask in the sunshine or splash in a clear crystal ocean. He was born and lived most of his adult life in Dominica which is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean. While living in the Caribbean, he traveled extensively throughout the region, educating himself about the different cultures and beauty spots. As a result he has a good eye for good tropical family destinations.

Because of his love and passion for travel, he has visited Hawaii and Mexico on several occasions. He is also a Hawaiian destination specialist and is certified for each individual Hawaiian island.

As a professional tropical destination specialist he is concerned that you receive the best information about your destination. He will provide life experiences and not information from a brochure.

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John Fontaine your Tropical destinations Specialist

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